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General Technical Services (GTS) is a Laboratory Equipment Servicing, Supply & Calibration Company. It has been operating under the guidance of our Chairman, Sultan Abdullah Al Marzouqi, since 1998 from Sharjah, UAE.GTS is ISO 9001 certified and approved by the competent Authority. We provide a comprehensive range of Calibration Services to the Construction Sector and undertake Site Calibration & Certification of Laboratory Equipments and Batching Plants

Force Measuring Devices
Linear Measuring Instruments
Pressure Measuring Devices
Temperature Measuring Devices
Electrical Measuring Instruments
General Laboratory Wares
Batching Plants for Concrete & Asphalt

GTS has a fundamental commitment to Quality and we ensure that all customers receive the highest quality of service on time within the budget to the best of reliability and accuracy. We are dedicated in providing a Total Quality Service. This is supported by registration of ISO 9001: 2000.

GTS maintains a temperature controlled Calibration Lab, a team of qualified and experienced personnel and latest Master Equipments. The tests are carried out as per the Companys Quality Procedures based on applicable to National/International Standards or Manufacturers recommended practices & procedures.

We provide Calibration & Certification and Repairing Services for :
Force Measuring / Proving Instruments:
Compression Testing Machines, CBR / Marshall Machines, Proving Ringsetc.
Linear Measuring Instruments:
Vernier caliper, Dial gauges, Height Gauges, Micrometersetc.
Pressure Measuring Instruments :
Pressure/Vacuum gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Manometers/ Pressure Calibratorsetc.
Temperature Measuring Instruments:
Thermometers, Gauges/Indicators, Probes (RTD, Thermocouples), Temperature calibratorsetc.

Electrical Measuring Instruments:
High Voltage Tester, Insulation tester, Clamp Meter, Multimeter etc.

General Laboratory Wares and Equipment:
Electronic Balances, Drying Ovens, Furnaces, Incubators, Test Weights etc.
Concrete, Soil, Aggregate & Asphalt Testing Machines
Batching Plants for Concrete / Asphalt

Address P. O. BOX 25898, SHARJAH, UAE
Tel No 00971 6543 6933
Fax No 00971 6 543 7077