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We feel great pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading indenting house in Middle East. We are buyer and seller of complete industrial products including ferrous and non-ferrous metals in all shapes and sizes, earth moving & workshop machinery, machine tools, pumps, compressors, generators, turbines, boilers, soot blowers, burners and spare parts for any application of:

. Power Generation Industry

. Petrochemical Industry

. Mining & Exploration Industry

. Iron & Steel Industry

. Heavy Construction Industry

If you are locked into a single source for essential supplies or spares from overseas, you are probably paying too much. In a captive market you are at the discretion of your local agent or other supplier. Without competition, pricing and delivery may not be as keen as it should be. We are your alternative. Faith-Arab provides a competitive purchasing service for clients sourcing supplies originating from overseas. Having a network of associates around the world, we can often provide supplies quicker and cheaper than your local agent, or where no agent exists, more competitively than your own direct purchase.

Unless you have two or more prices for any purchase you can never be certain you are getting a competitive price. If is manufactured overseas and is or can be used in your process then call us.

Our clients cover a broad cross section of Middle East, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Arabia. We have good business contacts with major buyers and sellers of the sectors mentioned hereunder:

. Petro-chemical and plastics

. Equipment Manufacture (Pumps, Valves, Compressors & Mixers etc....)

. Agri-chemical and Industrial chemical

. Process/Technology supply

. Heavy/Large General Fabrication

. Plant construction

. Heat Treatment

. Pulp and paper

. Machining and tool and die manufacture

. Electronics Industry and component manufacture

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