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1. How is RO water compared to bottled water ?

A. Just as good or even better. We use the same technology, reverse osmosis (RO), as other major bottling plants use to filter water. Our drinking water has a sweet taste with a touch of minerals not like the flat taste of distilled or bottled water. The single stage system is the most stable and complete filtering process. The best part is that you maintain your system and ensure your family's health yourself.No need of power supply and no need of high maintenance and no need of drain.

main difference is our filter is connected as a point of use filter to get a fresh water at a time.but bottled water is kept in long procedure then packing then supplying and at last it comes to you.

2. What contaminants does Reverse Osmosis Remove ?

A. The EVERPURE System contains a quality carbon filter which will remove more than 98% of organic chemicals from the water.

These include THMs (chloroform), DBCP, lindane, TCEs (trichloroethylene), PCEs (tetrachloroethylene), carbon tetrachloride chlorine, In addition to these organic chemicals, below is a partial list of other contaminants removed by the Re1812-70 TFC membrane. The percentage of removal shown below is a conservative estimate.

3. Does Everpure Filter removes Bacteria? Cryptosporidium ?

A. YES! Our filter is a sub-micron filtration system which has a pore size much smaller than bacteria virus, pyrogen or the cryptosporidium parasite. When functioning properly it will remove all microorganisms from tap water and produce sterile water.

4. What is EVERPURE Home Filtration System?

Taste The Difference

Great tasting water you can trust enhances everything from refreshing cold drinks to water used for coffee and cooking. Everpure water from an accessory faucet installed on your sink is convenient, sparkling, and free of unwanted tastes, odors, and contaminants.

"Better Than Bottled"

Everpure drinking water systems are less expensive than bottled water, costing only pennies per gallon. Plus, there are no heavy bottles to lift, no waiting for deliveries, no monthly bills, and no clutter with coolers and empty bottles.

Everpure systems are environmentally conscious, with no delivery trucks burning gas and no plastic water bottles to clog land fills. Additionally, Everpure systems can be hooked up to your water-using appliances for safer, better tasting ice and drinks, plus protection against lime scale build-up.

Easy Installation and Quick Cartridge Change

The Everpure system installs easily under your sink in less than one hour, using common household tools. Cartridge change takes less than a minute and is as easy as changing a light bulb.


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