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The fragrance industry is big business, very big business. It includes much more than retail sales of fragrances. Related industries such as chemical companies supply the chemicals the fragrances are made from. Most fragrance chemicals are synthesized from petroleum products. Some companies formulate fragrances and flavors for other companies. Marketing and advertising are used to create and promote the image of a fragrance.

Add related industries such as companies that add fragrance to personal care, personal hygiene, and household products and the impact is even greater. The food industry is also a large user of fragrance chemicals known as flavors or aroma chemicals when used in foods. Flavor / fragrance chemicals are also in heavy use by the tobacco industry as additives to cigarettes to enhance flavor, especially the lower tar and nicotine brands.

Virtually every aspect of our lives is impacted by the Fragrance Industry. In the past many products had generic scents that identified their use, rather than brand. All soaps had an odor that was identified as "soap". Most laundry detergents had the basic same odor and most cleaners either had a pine or lemon scent. This is no longer the case.

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