The United Arab Emirates today stands as a shining example of development and modernity. The country is teeming with goods and services, as a tangible sign of its spectacular growth. Early on, we realized the demand for food would grow as the country prospered. Capitalizing on this knowledge, Baniyas Spike was founded to import, export, and distribute food products in the region. Today, we can proudly say Baniyas Spike is part of the UAEs success, having not only participated in its growth story but also blossoming alongside it.

By incorporating state of art infrastructure, modern technology, and best practices, we have registered all-round success. By stringently abiding the laws and rules of the land, we have established ourselves as a company of integrity, providing superior quality food products.

The idea that catapulted Baniyas Spike into the global marketplace continues to serve the company even today. From trading, we have diversified into Retail , Catering, Medicine, Facility management in Oil fields, General contracting, and Real estate. Our vision to provide quality products and services backed by prompt delivery and personalized attention will remain at the heart of the business. Customer satisfaction will continue to remain a priority, even as we innovate and adapt to rise above the competition. As we pave the way for the next chapter in this growth story, I assure you we will always remain true to our roots and our mission.


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