In this fast and ever-changing scenario of the 21st century, there is something that is really reassuring about a family and the values it signifies.... to name a few are togetherness, loyalty, trust, consolidation, confidence and, just as importantly, the independence due to the knowledge that those strong bonds will never be broken. This is precisely the reason why, as the Group Managing Director we are proud to underline that the Hi-Tech Group of Companies is a family unlike just any-other. We stand-out as the fastest growing & emerging as one of the biggest successful construction and engineering service providing group based in the United Arab Emirates with its presence globally.

The diversity of our services range from Turnkey General Contracting to Steel Fabrication, from Cast Aluminum Solutions to Spoke Joinery, from MEP Contracting to Building Maintenance and more. Our esteemed clients, who very quickly discover that they are the most important part of our ever-growing family, can choose to work for their project with anyone of these specialized companies or jointly with all of them.

We are always on the look-out for building associations through negotiations, partnering and cementing very strong relationships. Quite simply, client satisfaction is the key to open success for all our targets. In the process of emphasizing our commitment to family values, we have embarked on various procedural and training programs for our staff to obtain a more technical and strategic win apart from the aim of improving their intelligence threshold.

We are intensely proud of all what we have achieved at the Hi-Tech Group of Companies and the standing which we hold throughout the entire construction & engineering sector. It is that pride which is echoed throughout our family of companies and the staff that ensures peace of mind for our clients and the belief that an association with Hi-Tech Group of Companies is always an association to last.

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