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National Paints offers a large variety of products. Paints can be classified as Decorative paints, Industrial paints and Marine Yacht paints, They can be classified on the basis of their chemical nature into Acrylic and Polyurethane paints, and are available in liquid form as water based or solvent and in solid form as powder coatings, which dose not contain any water or solvents.

The company products:
Water based and lead free solvent based decorative paints resistant to mold and other environmental changes that may affect different surfaces.
Decorative paints for external use.
Paints to create artistic and rustic effects.
Industrial and metallic paints.
Furniture and wood finish paints.
Automotive paints (several systems).
Marine and Yacht paints (several systems).
Environmentally friendly powder coatings specially for galvanized and non galvanized metals.
Raw materials including various types of alkyds, resins and polyester.
Insulation, protective materials, and industrial systems.
Special paints for hospitals, operating theaters and food factories.
Through two of the biggest research and development labs and technical collaboration with international entities such as Trans Ocean from Holland, Italtinto from Italy, National Paints product line is constantly updated in accordance with the demands of each separate market involved.
National Paints expanding product range and its strive for quality have granted it several international awards of recognition. Its reputation has given full support to undergo paint projects for hotels, airports, government corporations, hospitals, cultural institutions and other private and public sectors in various countries.

Main Characteristics of High Quality Paint.
Highly resistant to frequent washing and cleaning
Have a high quality protective coat
Tough and highly flexible
Weathering resistance
U.V resistance
Gloss retention in gloss paint
Color stability

Research and Development Activities
The research and development department participates in increasing profits by providing products that meet customer need as follows:
To get well acquainted and study competitors products in various markets so as to find the most suitable method in production to sustain high quality.
To use alternative raw materials so as to achieve the best production, decrease process cost or shorten production time with keeping quality to its standard.
Find quick solutions in sudden production problems as to improve better quality.
Invent new products as per requests of special clients.
Solving society problems, environmental, energy and general health by developing new products in order to secure users health and/or decrease energy costs by electrical solutions or ensure longer life time for painted surfaces.

Decorative and Building Paint.

Water Paints

Emulsions are plastic decorative high quality paints designed for indoor and outdoor use, has good tendency for constant washing and highest resistance to weather fluctuations, humidity and rot. These water paints come in a wide range of types and colors catering to different customers tastes and needs, all made available by Color Mix tinting machine.

This product range includes:
Emulsion Eggshell
Emulsion Vinyl Silk
Emulsion Trust
Emulsion Dayton
Emulsion Top

Synthetic Paints

These high quality decorative paints are manufactured using lead free, echo friendly materials. They are high resistant to harsh weather conditions, preserving their original color and are resistant to fading. These paint solutions are for both indoor and outdoor use.

This product range includes:
Synthetic Top
Synthetic Modern

Decorative Paints

The decorative paints are made up of raw materials giving high standards and quality. These paints when applied give different shapes and effect catering to different needs and tastes, They are available in a wide variety of products, and include:
Antique Special Effects
Antique Stucco
Antique Velvet
Antique Renaissance
Antique Scumble Glaze
Antique Silky touch
Antique Cracking
Terra Products
New Generation
Stone Finish
Fine Tex
New Tex
Acrylic Rock
Shield Long Life

Insulation and Protective Paints

These are high quality paints used for protecting surfaces against UV rays, molding, dampness and different climates. These paints have received many quality and mould resistance awards and are used for various reasons.

Emulsion Trust
Plastic Roof
Stone Guard
Fire Resistant

Industrial and Metallic Paints.

These products are known to have high resistance levels to harsh weather conditions, high temperatures and are designed to withstand the effects of chemical reactions and the damages caused by harsh mechanical use.
They are available in two types:
Synthetic Metallic Paints.
Hammer Finish
Quick Paints
Solar Heating
Thermal Paints.
Alkyd Melamine
Acrylic Stove
Silicon Stove

Marine and Yacht Paints

This group of paint products manufactured in UAEs branch in cooperation with the International TRANS OCEAN Association carries unique characteristics. This organization specializes in marine paint products, insulation and protection materials.
Epoxy Paint systems.
Acrylic Polyurethane

Automotive Paints.

Automotive paint is designed to be applied on all types of vehicles. The company produces several types of automotive paint products varying in their properties. They are great resistant to harsh weather conditions such as heat, humidity and UV rays. They also preserve the vehicle original color, quality and shine also, resist chemicals such as kerosene and fuel. In addition to protect from other factors such as roads, scratches, dents, bumps and others.

Types of Automotive Paint:

- The Nitrocellulose Paint.

- Synthetic Paint:
Auto Gloss

- Acrylic Paints System.
This type of paint can be divided into two groups:
NCR Paints
With the top coat layer (2K) and the base coat (1K)
NUMIX Paint:
A large data base of standardized color formulations covering most of the codes numbers used by the automobile industry, OEM System consists of Autocryl (2K) and Autobase (1K).

Furniture and Wood Paints
Wooden products vary in type, look and color so as to meet the demands of consumers. The properties of related paint products also vary in nature so as to comply with different tastes and preferences.

Nitrocellulose Paint: This product is known for a fast drying rate, and is easy to preserve and maintain.

Acid Curing Paint: This paint product is known for a fast drying rate and is highly resistance to chemicals, scratches and other environmental factors.

Acrylic Polyurethane Paint: This most recent furniture paint is of high quality and is resistant to UV rays, dampness and other environmental hazards, resistant to yellowness.

Special Usage Paints

Produces paint products that are specifically designed for special purposes. These paint products are designed for:

School Wood Boards
Road Marking
Swimming Pools

Spray plaster, Thinners, Paint Remover and Stains.

Powder Coatings.
Considered as the newest innovation in the paint systems industry, they are linking and coloring material. They are solid, and do not contain solvent material. These products are known as long-lasting, and are echo friendly.
Powder Coating products include:
Polyester Based Powder: Designed for outdoor use, the long lasting powder is capable of high sticking capacities, and is easy to apply. Additionally the powder is characterized as a high resistant to different weather conditions.
Epoxy Based Powder: This product is highly resistant to chemical reactions such as applied to metal furniture and also high resistant to rust.
Hybrid Powder Coatings: Designed for indoor use, such as metallic furniture paint.

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