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Scumble Glaze

National Scumble Glaze is a washable coating, an environmentally friendly pearlscent finish, used for creating attractive broken color effects to the substrates.

Recommended Uses:
National Scumble Glaze is ideally recommended for interior application and can be used on concrete, gypsum boards, plaster and woodworks.

All colors are available as per National Scumble Glaze Color Card in condition that base coat color is special black.

National Scumble Glaze is supplied in a ready to use form. If required, dilute with 5% water.

Cleaning of Equipment:
Clean the equipment with water immediately after completing the work.

Theoretical Spreading Rate:
10 -15 m2 / Liter depending on the application method, film thickness and nature of surface.

Drying time:
Touch dry: 2 - 3 hours Full dry: 6 - 8 hours

Surface Preparation:
The surface on which National Scumble Glaze is to be applied should be dry, free of oil, dust, efflorescence etc.