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Sutung Off Grid Portable Solar Generator 1000w

Sutung Off Grid Port ...

Off-Grid Solar Generators

I10 Input and Output Port

1. 2XAC Output OutputPort

2. Auto Jump Starter Output Port

3. Solar Charge Input Port

4. Car/Adapter charging Input por

5. Car Cigar Lighter Output Port

6. 2 type-c Port

7. 4XUSB Output Port2x5V2A,2X5V3A

3XDC Output Port: 12V10A, 19V3A, 24V5A

8. Mater/AC/DC On/Off Button

I10 Main Functions

1. Two Soft Handles

2. LED Lamp: 12v10w

3. Star Pattern Capacity Indicator

4. Smart Cooling Fan System

5. All In One

6. Auto Jump Stater

7. Car Cigar Lighter


1000W Inverter

9. Solar Charging

10. 8X8 Protection

LCD Display

1. Low Temperature Indicator

2. High Temperature Indicator

3. Battery Capacity Indicator

4. Overload Indicator

5. Smart Cooling Fan System

6. Warn Indicator

8. Remaining Capacity Indicator

9. Low Capacity Indicator

10. AC Output Indicator

11. USB Input Indicator

12. Type-c Output Indicator

13. DC Output Indicator

14. Auto Jump Starter Indicator