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Sutung Off Grid Portable Solar Generator 200w

Sutung Off Grid Port ...

Off-Grid Solar Generators

Input and Output Port

1. AC Output PortAC110~240V

2. Solar Input Port: 14V-40V, 120W

3. Car Charging/ Adapter Port: AC110V~240V

4. USB Output Port: 2X5V2A, 2X5v3A

5. DC Output Port: 12v10A; 19V3A

6. Car Cigar Lighter12V10A

7. On/Off Master Button

8. AC On/Off AC Button

9. USB On/Off USB Button

10. DC On/Off DC Button

Main Functions

1. Classic Compass

2. Solar Charging

3. Car Cigar lighter

4. 6X 8 Protections (Anderson Board)

5. Smart Chip

6. Auto Recovery

7. Faster charge

8. Ultra Light2KG

9. 200W Inverter

10. Smart Cooling Fan System